Welcome to Rebel Conquer Online

If you want to learn how to play please read the following information. You can learn about the game by watching the video. We would like to see you in this fun game. Do you want to join us ?

-You can speak to FreeLevel Npc and it will give you level 137 for free. Note : ( In current patch the npc is in twin city (415,385) )
-In twin city in center you can find the Vote Npc. Here you can vote for help the server and win 500 points for each vote. With points you can buy great rewards.
-Server have radio button for all who want to listen music while playing. Note : ( In current patch the button name is "Support" and now you can find radio , garments picture , news , facebook , quest time , donation, ranking and more)
-The place where you can go to promote your charachter Note : ( Price for euxenite ore , emerald , moon box is in gold NOT cps )
-At Apprentice Npc you can exchange dbs/db scrolls for cps or cps for gold. With gold you can buy +6 stones , meteor scroll or dragonball scroll.
-The best place for hunting is in twin city at Turtledove or Robin. Here you get money directly in your inventory and drop Dragonballs , Stones +2,+3 or +4 and Meteors.
-In inventory you will find an item named "StoneCraft" if you right click on it, it will combine 3 of same stone in a biggest one for exemple : 3 stones +2 in 1 stone +3 etc.
Note: ( If you lose by mistake "StoneCraft" item you can buy another one for free from shopping mall ) All accounts have vip 6 for FREE and can use Compose , Repair and Warehouse.
-To upgrade items you can go at ArtisanWind in Twin City and make them super with Dragon Balls or in market at MagicArtisan NPc with 100% change to make it + here you can lower your equipment lvl. Last Npc from this section is WeaponMaster where you can upgrade lvl equipment. Note: ( You can make all of this with DragonBalls )
In market you can find Eternity who can sell you a garment for 10k cps each.
-You can add dmg -1 in Garments/Cup at Npc Ethereal for 100k cps.
-For proficiency level you have Npc like ProficiencyGod or Weapon Master in market. Note: ( You better speak with WeaponMaster and give him just 100k gold for each level )
-BlacksmithLee is the Npc (Market) who can help you add 1 socket (5k cps ) or 2 socket (10k cps) in your items and buy gems from VipStoreKeeper (Market).
-In BirdIsland is found the Npc ArtisanOu. He can help you add sockets in your weapons.
-After you get all sockets in items for adding gems you need to speak with Npc ArtisanCloud in Phoenix Castle.
-For making lvl at skills you can let your character train at Npc Trainer in Twin City. Note: ( Trainer Npc is better then Boxer and have 2x exp)
-For CelestialStone you need to complete 1 easy quest. You just need to speak with CelestialStone Npc and press on "Go Fruit Map". There you need just to hunt at Bandits and find 5 fruits ( Cheeries , Mulberries , Oranges , Grapes , Pears ). After you finish you need to talk again with Npc and press "Claim Prize" and you will get CelestialStone in your inventory. Note: ( In current patch the Npc is in Twin City ( 415 , 378 ) )
-For ExempitionToken you need to do another easy quest. You just need to talk with ExempitionToken Npc and press on "Pumpkin map". There you just need to hunt Pumpkin for find 6 different colors ( red , blue , orange , yellor , navy , green) After you find all the 6 colors you right click on a color and you will get "Pumkin" item in your inventory. With him you go back to Npc and press "Pumpkin for exempition token" and you will get ExempitionToken in your inventory. Note: ( In current patch the Npc is in Twin City ( 415 , 375) )
- Thanks for listening to me and if you need more info just visit http://www.rebel-conquer.cf/ at section "Warz time". We have alot of events PVP/PVE. Come and find out. We are waiting for you :)


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